Welcome to Kids Academy!

The very word ‘playschool’ infers ‘playing at school’. We teach nursery rhymes and other lessons through play and fun activities.

  • It is a good head starts for learning.

  • Equally the Play schools also teach children to recognise their own possessions.

  • Play schools prepare children for their entry into formal school.

  • It helps to develop knowledge about social life.

  • In play schools, kids are provided with the ‘right’ toys, i.e. those suitable to their stage of development.

  • It also helps to easily interact with other kids, sharing things and more.

  • Kids get toilet trained.

  • Phonological awareness – is one of the most important salient feature of pre-school education. Children learn to identify the sounds of the alphabet. They learn to recognise the alphabet by listening to the sound.

Thus the play school plays a crucial role in everyone’s life & here Kids Academy is doing the same for your children.

Big News!! Kids Acacdemy is expanding now. It is going to open classes from I – V from coming year with CBSE Pattern.Contact now for more details….